GT Teacher and seminars

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 2:46pm

We are excited to announce that Mrs. Emily Perry has accepted the position as Wilde Lake Middle Schools Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher.  Mrs. Perry is very familiar with our staff, students and community as she was our ESOL teacher at WLMS for the past year.  Mrs. Perry holds the position of Co-Lead Teacher for the Gifted and Talented Summer Institutes program.  Mrs. Perry will be offering Seminars during the school day.  These seminars are a great way for your child to expand their knowledge and skills around a topic of interest in a non-graded environment. 

Each seminar offers a unique focus. However, all seminars have four components. They all (1) develop critical and creative thinking skills, (2) involve conducting research, (3) involve working collaboratively to produce an authentic product or creative production, and (4) utilize technology to create and communicate.

Participation in seminars is open to ALL students and is scheduled to limit the amount of missed class time. In addition, some seminars will be scheduled for a single semester (fall or spring) or they could be scheduled for the full year.

If your child is interested, please complete this form and submit it by Friday, October 14, 2022.