6th & 7th Grade Elective Courses due 1/18

Fri, 01/12/2018 - 10:49am

Students attending Wilde Lake Middle School will be participating in the Middle School Schedule Pilot Program for the 2018/19 school year.  Participation in this pilot program will provide students the opportunity to delve more deeply into their interests, to create and perform collaboratively, develop technical skills, and begin to define personal creative direction.  In all cases, these experiences will form the foundation for possible advanced placement in high school.

This letter will assist you and your child through the selection of a yearlong fine arts course and a course elective.

We encourage you and your child to have a conversation and make selections based on strengths and interests to ensure a successful transition to 7th / 8th grade.

For more details, read the attached letter. Complete and return the form to your child's homeroom teacher by January 18th.

FileWLMS Fine Arts Pilot Sched Letter.docx